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Message from the New Owners

What does our new ownership mean for all of LBDs friends? Not too much except that you won't be seeing Michaela as often during your surface intervals. Let me explain a bit.

My wife and I have been toying with the idea of relocating to Cozumel for quite a while. We fell in love with the Island, the atmosphere, the people, the weather and of course the DIVING!

The problem though was what to do to support ourselves? We didn't know anyone on the Island that would be able to help us come down on a work visa. We'd considered starting a new business, but restaurants fail all the time and opening another dive shop on an island full of them didn't make much sense either.

That was when we learned of Liquid Blue Divers. We had been diving with a lot of different operators in a bunch of different locations, throughout the Caribbean, and it was after diving with LBD that we decided that's what we wanted to do AND how we wanted to do it. We visited in early October to check out the business and employees. We loved the first-class service, diving with David and Javier, the relaxing surface intervals and especially the 120 cubic foot tanks and on-hour-minimum bottom times.

My wife and I are pretty good at conserving our air when diving. However, it's always been frustrating when the whole group has to surface because one or two airhogs are low on air. That doesn't happen with LBD. We each received a complimentary dive computer and had more than enough air to safely dive our entire computer dive profile. In the past, we only had hour long dives in 30 to 40 feet of water.

So what's next? We are going to be spending a lot of time with Michaela over the course of the next month or so. We have a lot to learn in a short amount of time.

What are the things we're going to change? Very little. We'll still pick up your gear at your hotel or resort and have it rinsed and ready for you on the boat. We'll still hang out at one of the local beach clubs for our surface intervals and have towels and foul weather gear for the days that the weather doesn't cooperate. And if the rest of LBD's divers are anything like the wonderful group we dove with in October, there will probably be margaritas at Coconuts or drinks at the Money Bar at the end of the day too.

Some of the things that we will be tweaking though will involve pricing and payment methods. No, don't worry, prices aren't going up! We are going to work hard to help you keep a little more money in your own pocket. Some of the things we're looking into are package rates for multi-day divers (four or more days), a referral program and loyalty discounts (in other words, it'll cost you less if you keep coming back). In this day and age, everyone pays with a credit card or PayPal. However, if you want to pay in-full by check prior to coming to the island, we'll knock off 5%.

We understand that many of LBD's friends are truly close friends with Michaela. That's understandable. We had a blast with her and the dive group back in October. However, my wife and I would ask you to please give us a shot before you dive with someone else just because Michaela won't be a part of the operation. We are going to work very hard at maintaining that same great level of service to which you've all become accustomed.

We have some new contact information for you too. The best way to reach us is via and our reservations page. However, we've also added a US based Skype number that we have permanently set to forward to our Mexican based cell phones. That way, if you have a question or concern, we will ALWAYS be there to pick up the phone. If for some technological reason (yes it happens) we can't get to the phone, please leave a message. We do, in fact, check and respond to voicemail.

From the US and Canada: 210-807-DIVE (3483) and while on Cozumel: 1-987-111-0311

Cheers everyone and we look forward to meeting you!

Stay Wet!!!

Steve and Kami Michels

Liquid Blue Divers is Under New Ownership!
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Liquid Blue Divers is a PREMIER PADI Dive Operator For Scuba Diving Cozumel.
We Feature Computer Dives, Steel Tanks And Small Groups On Fast, Small, Canopied Boats.
When You Dive Cozumel With Liquid Blue Divers Just Remember, We Are In Business For
You And Your Satisfaction Is Our Personal Guarantee.

Liquid Blue Divers has established a dedicated following among scuba divers in Cozumel who value personalized attention, small groups (6-7 divers per boat), and local knowledge.

It is our goal to make every scuba diving Cozumel diver feel special. When you dive Cozumel with us just remember, we are in business for you and your satisfaction is our personal guarantee.

If you are new to the world of scuba diving the undersea world of Cozumel is waiting for you!
You do not have to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the thrill of SCUBA.

Our professional PADI Instructors offer a full range of scuba dive instruction and will teach you the basic skills and information you need to have you in the water before you know it!

We are here to make you feel comfortable scuba diving Cozumel in a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere. So start scuba diving and have fun!

If you are an experienced scuba diver, Liquid Blue Divers has a full range of certification classes such as: Open Water Certification, Advanced Open Water Certification, Rescue Diver Certification and Dive Master Certification along with continuing education specialty classes.

We want you to have a memorable scuba diving Cozumel vacation and a great time scuba diving with Liquid Blue Divers!


  • Personalized service
  • Experienced guides
  • Professional Scuba Diving Instructors
  • Small groups on fast, small, canopied boats
  • Dry storage onboard
  • High pressure steel tanks - 100 & 120 cu. ft.
  • All scuba dives are computer dives and we provide complimentary computers
  • Long, relaxing surface intervals at a full service beach club
  • Handling of all scuba dive gear set-up, rinsing and storing daily
  • Scuba dive gear pick up at your hotel upon arrival
  • Hotel pier pick-up at most locations south of town
  • Daily equipment rental
  • Boat equipped with DAN O2, first aid kit and marine radio
  • Dry towels, wind/rain jackets, light snacks and purified water onboard
Don’t leave home without them